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POWER MINTER – passive income: 30% per year, 10 years

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Passive income – income that is not dependent on daily activities.


PLATINCOIN is ready to become your partner and provide you with vast opportunities to grow your income. Connect to minting – a new profitable way of getting coins. You don’t need to be an expert in complex technical processes or compete with the other network participants.

All you need to do is pay for passive income tools and start accumulating, minting and actively increasing the number of their coins. At the same time, their price can grow, due to the infrastructure development and popularization of PLATINCOIN.

How does Power Minter work?

Power Minter is an innovative development that allows its owner to earn 30% per year using smart contracts. This is possible because of the close interaction of various systems and subsystems in the blockchain and mobile applications. This combination of unique proprietary technologies makes it possible to extract coins right on your smartphone.

Power Minter is made up of: a core app called PLC Farm and two wallets – Farm Wallet and Main Wallet. The entire minting process can be tracked on the screen of your smartphone in the PLC Farm application (the “Smart contracts” tab) and the PLC Wallet application (the “Frozen” tab). You can also track transactions in the block explorer→

How do I start minting with Power Minter?

  • Register in the system PLATINCOIN→ to get access to passive income tools.
  • Choose the Power Minter that best suits your needs, pay it in a for you convenient way (payment in PLC coins). It authorizes the minting and determines the maximum number of coins you can mint (this indicator determines – Max Load).
  • Install PLC Wallet application on your smartphone. Using the application, you will assign the wallet (Main Wallet) for receiving all the coins minted (in the “Balance” tab), which will be immediately available for you to spend. How to create a PLC Wallet? Download the application from the link below and follow the instructions — HERE→

Download PLC Wallet: Google play→ or App Store→

  • Install PLC Farm application on your smartphone. This is the application, where all the minting takes place – for each user, in the application, an individual wallet (Farm Wallet) is generated. How to create and set up your PLC Farm? Download the application from the link below, launch the PLC Wallet application previously created and follow the instructions — HERE→

Download PLC Farm: Google play→ or App Store→

  • Тo start minting you must first transfer coins from your Main Wallet to your Farm Wallet and sign a smart contract. How to create and what is a smart contract? Detailed instructions — HERE→
  • IMPORTANT!!! Save your private keys and transport PINs from wallets immediately. Otherwise, you will lose access to your account forever.

PLATINCOIN smart contracts guarantee maximum security for users. When you create a smart contract, all coins remain the user’s property.

Please note that PLATINCOIN doesn’t have access to users’ wallets, private keys, and coins. All the coins will be stored exclusively in your wallets!

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Why is Power Minter the next evolutionary step in the PLATINCOIN product line?

  • Personal data protection. Power Minter works without intermediaries – all private keys are created right on your device. This means that access by third parties is absolutely impossible.
  • Security. You don’t need to transfer your coins anywhere to start minting with PLC Farm or Power Minter – the process occurs right on the blockchain.
  • Affordability. The minimum package has a low price of 22PLC (110€), and yet a maximally loaded Power Minter will pay for itself in just one year. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment, which is necessary for traditional mining, and you can also avoid paying for technical support, maintenance and electricity.
  • Sustainability. Each year, Bitcoin mining alone results in emissions of 10 megatonnes of carbon dioxide, which is comparable to the pollution from one million transatlantic flights. PLATINCOIN (PLC) minting in the app is carbon neutral and doesn’t have any harmful impact on the environment.
  • Transparency. All operations are carried out on the blockchain. You can track the minting process from any device with Internet access.
  • Stability. Minting doesn’t depend on market fluctuations – you know exactly how much you’ll earn in one, two and even ten years.
  • Warranty. We offer a 3-year warranty for all minters. If you’re not satisfied with our product, we’ll give you either a full refund or the entire price minus the total minted amount – within 3 years of the purchase.
  • Usability. You don’t need to be an expert with any specialised technical skills. PLC Farm is a very user friendly app which can easily be used by anyone with a smartphone.
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