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Passive and active income is here!

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PLATINCOIN community welcomes you!

PLATINCOIN is an innovative cryptosystem and one of the most sophisticated blockchain ecosystems in the contemporary cryptocurrency market.

The ecosystem is centered around the Platincoin (PLC is a blockchain «product») cryptocurrency, which is surrounded by an infrastructure of several dozen technological products which are currently used by over 600 000 people from 120 countries around the world.

You can convert your financial assets into PLC and start saving, minting and actively expanding the number of your coins. In addition, their price can increase as PLATINCOIN develops its infrastructure and becomes even more popular. PLC digital coins enable you to generate profit.

Where to buy or sell PLC digital coins?
PLC coins can not only be mined using the company’s products described later in the article, but also purchased or exchanged on the following sites: Coinsbit→ (traded in pairs with EUR USD USDT TUSD PAX), P2PB2B→ (traded in pairs with BTC USD), Bibox→ (traded in pairs with BTC USDT), Coinsuper→ (traded in pairs with BTC ETH USDT), Bithumb→ (traded in pairs with BTC USDT).

The company’s products are based on technologies: decentralized blockchain→, minting and smart contracts …

This means that NO ONE and NEVER will be able to change or cancel the conditions for receiving your passive income and you are the sole owner of your coins!

The funds remain in your wallet and are not sent to anyone, regardless of what the PLC coins were used for – minting or donations!


Financial instruments PLATINCOIN

The Platincoin→ platform provides tools (products) for financial growth and development to anyone anywhere in the world, without any special technical knowledge and regardless of age, education or wealth!

— Passive income

Do you get passive income right on your smartphone?

You buy a financial instrument that generates passive income.

The cost of financial instruments: 9951€, 5350€, 2675€, 1070€, 535€, 268€ or 107€; 1995PLC, 1100PLC, 550PLC, 220PLC, 110PLC, 55PLC or 22PLC.

Payment methods for financial instruments: Bitcoin→, ADVcash→, Platincoin, SOFORTüberweisung, VISA interkassa (RUB), MASTERCARD interkassa (RUB), Perfect Money→ interkassa, PAYEER, Bank payment, Cash balance (Cash balance is replenished by the company’s product – Debit Pack).

The amount of your passive income depends on the choice of financial instrument:

How do I get my first purchase bonus?
When you purchase and pay for a Platincoin product within 3 days from registration, you receive a certain amount of PLC as a reward credited to your Main Wallet or your PLC bonus account!

After each purchase and payment for a product in the next category, the timer is reset for another 7 days, until you’ve purchased and paid for products from all categories. The following Platincoin product categories are eligible for this promotion: Starter, Basic, Medium, Plus, Pro, Premium, and Platinum.

After purchasing and paying for all 7 products, you will receive a bonus of 427PLC. You must ensure that no more than 7 days have passed between purchases. If you fail to purchase and pay for a new product within 7 days after the previous purchase, then you will be ineligible for a free PLC bonus as part of this promo.

Attention! To receive a bonus directly in your Main Wallet you need to assign this in your PLC Wallet App. Please view the instructions→ (see steps 8 – 12) for a detail explanation.

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— Active income

Open the door to the world of high earnings and passive income!

PLATIN HERO crowdfunding platform

Platin Hero*→ platform – the flagship project (product) of the PLATINCOIN ecosystem; the first platform in the history of crowdfunding that follows on the win-win principle, making it possible for all participants in the process to make money!

* – a partner who is registered on the Platincoin platform can log in to Platin Hero using the same username and password.


— Passive income

Meet the revolutionary crowdfunding model at Platin Hero!

Thanks to the underlying technologies of blockchain, minting, and smart contracts, projects get free promotion and financing for their ideas, while users get a chance to support ideas and projects while getting rewards from projects (in case of placement of rewards by the project) and a 10% bonus from the size of their donation in return.

— Active income

The Platin Hero crowdfunding platform features a single-tier partnership program that offers two types of bonuses: for inviting projects (Project scout) and for inviting sponsors (Consultant). What makes the program unique is the fact that it’s based on a smart contract, which means that all rewards are guaranteed by the blockchain!



Useful Resources

Founder’s webinars: СЕО Alex Reinhardt→
PLATINCOIN community pages: Facebook→, ВКонтакте→
Information channel: Telegram→
Chat: Telegram→

*If you want to receive first-hand information that is most necessary for success and quick earnings, contact me: my contacts →

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