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LIMITED EDITION – passive income: two for the price of one + gift

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Passive income – income that is not dependent on daily activities.


PLATINCOIN is a dynamic fintech project. Our developers keep creating innovative products, marketing team arranges large-scale events, and the community continues to grow every day.

Today we are pleased to announce another new promotional product – Limited Edition: an innovative development that allows you to earn on the continuous generation of passive income!

Limited Edition – a combination of the best PLATINCOIN products!

Limited Edition has combined in itself: two products for the price of one – Minting Unit and gift Power Minter + two more gifts – Block Places*→ and PLC Debit Card*→

*- Block Places and PLC Debit Card are being finalized, tested and introduced into the Platincoin cryptosystem;

*- Power Minter can be purchased separately.

  • What is MINTING UNIT and how this financial instrument works, you can find out HERE→
  • What is POWER MINTER and how this financial instrument works, you can find out HERE→

On the one hand, the Minting Unit mints coins for you every day for 36 months enabling you to build a sound basic income, and on the other, the Power Minter with its 30% return per annum allows you to build an almost unlimited passive income for 10 years from the moment you buy a Limited Edition.

However, you need to understand that in order to receive passive income from your Power Minter, you have to load coins into its PLC Farm. Where can you get coins to load the farm at 30% per annum? You can either load the minted coins from your Minting Unit t, or buy them from an exchanger or at a cryptocurrency exchange, or get coins from multiple market participants.

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Imagine you can buy a magic money box bringing you daily basic income for 36 months, where you can put additional coins and their number will increase by 30% per year. Moreover, the coins in the money box do not get burnt, and they all remain in the user’s property and generate a passive income for you!

However, a few conditions apply:

  • the money box has a limit similar to available space of a virtual disk, which can be increased by buying additional space;
  • by increasing the limit, you will be able to put more and more coins into the money box, thereby increasing your passive profit;
  • the limit can be increased at any time.

In Double Pack, all settlements will be made in PLC – one of the most stable coins on the market. It means that if the coin grows in price, you will get higher earnings!

DOUBLE PACK: GET PROFIT ON PROFIT. Choose your development strategy.

  • Buy Double Pack→ 2 in 1+ gift: Minting Unit and Power Minter + Block Places
  • Get coins from Minting Unit every day for 3 years
  • For Minting Unit Platin efficiency: + 51% (by +1022.8 PLC > than if you bought on the exchange)
  • Get coins from Block Places every month for unlimited


  • Load your Farm with minted coins from Minting Unit and Block Places
  • Get 30% profit on profit for 10 years


  • Load your Farm to the maximum limit
  • Get 30% per year on max load amount
  • Get maximal profit 20100 PLC in 10 years
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